La Ciocca

La Ciocca farm was born in 2007 from the desire of the founder Patrizio Campana to cultivate the vineyards directly and follow the grapes throughout their journey, from the soil to the bottle.

The company’s commitment is to grow the vines respecting the environment, reducing the use of chemicals to maintain soil fertility and preserve biodiversity. 

In this way it can guarantee future generations the right to enjoy all that nature offers us in its best aspect. 

The vineyards of the “La Ciocca” farm are located on the hills of Carpaneto Piacentino; cultivated with Barbera (60%) and Bonarda (40%) vines, according to the percentages of the D.O.C. for the production of Gutturnio, a wine that fully reflects the Piacenza tradition. In addition to these types, strains of Merlot, Cabernet, Ortrugo and Malvasia Aromatica di Candia are planted.

The training system chosen on the basis of the grapes that are produced is Guyot, with spontaneous grassing subjected to periodic mowing, to allow the plant to flower. Winter pruning is done manually, leaving 8-10 buds per stump.

The La Ciocca farm relies on Cantine Campana for the vinification, bottling and marketing of its products.

La Ciocca wines as a symbol of enthusiasm, passion, elegance and sustainable quality